Delaware Science Olympiad sees participation from Cape High students

Cape High students participated in the annual Delaware Science Olympiad this year at Delaware State University on March 2nd. Teammates Aaron Tikiob and Joshua Cohen earned a bronze medal in their event, marking the school’s first appearance since 2019. The team competed in 16 events, including forestry, forensics lab, disease detectives, and wonders of electricity, against 44 other high school teams from Delaware.

The Cape High team consisted of Sahil Patel, Cassidy Johnson, Joshua Cohen, Aaron Tikiob, Charles Umanzor, Caitlyn Randall, Kaia Cauffman, and Julia Logue, who were advised by Priscilla Coolbaugh, Stephanie Halter, and Peter Burnham. At the end of the competition, Tikiob and Cohen took home a third-place bronze medal in the ping pong parachute event, showcasing their dedication and skill.

Coolbaugh praised the team’s achievements, expressing excitement for their future endeavors. Students worked hard in preparation for the competition, utilizing microscopes, building robots and parachutes, and studying for exams. The team’s goal is to expand to a full 15-student roster and possibly add a second team in the future.

The Science Olympiad aims to inspire students in their science education through challenging competitions. Sponsors this year included the Delaware Nature Society, Penn Medicine CAREs, and the Delaware Environmental Institute. Events ranged from labs and tests to building challenges, providing a platform for students to showcase their scientific skills.

Community volunteers are always welcome to assist with events on competition day. Individuals interested in getting involved with the Science Olympiad can contact Priscilla Coolbaugh at Cape Henlopen High School. With hard work and passion, the team is poised to achieve even greater success in the next competition.

By Samantha Robertson

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