County seeks to expand behavioral health services at affordable housing developments

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors passed a policy in a 4-0 vote to explore ways to enhance behavioral health services at county-supported housing developments. The policy, authored by Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer, focuses on increasing safety and security at Windsor Pointe, a 50-unit affordable housing development, as well as future projects funded by No Place Like Home.

Windsor Pointe has two sites in Carlsbad, located at 965 Oak Avenue and 3606 Harding Street. The county is now tasked with exploring all options to maximize on-site and referral-based behavioral health services, increase case management services, and develop a plan to utilize funding for supplemental security personnel. This initiative aims to address concerns raised by residents about safety and security at housing developments.

Lawson-Remer highlighted public safety as a top concern, citing crime data from the Carlsbad Police department that showed a rise in mental health-related calls for service at Windsor Pointe. The policy passed on Tuesday calls for the use of No Place Like Home funds to add more security personnel and increase support services to ensure residents have a safer living environment.

This effort underscores the county’s commitment to providing necessary resources and support to improve the well-being of residents in affordable housing developments. For the latest updates on news, weather, sports, and streaming video, visit FOX 5 San Diego & KUSI News.

By Samantha Robertson

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