China’s regulators are becoming more lenient towards its tech sector

During a conversation with Angela Huyue Zhang, a law professor in Hong Kong who will be teaching at the University of Southern California this fall, I was inspired to delve into the logic and patterns behind China’s tech regulations. We discussed how the Chinese government tends to swing between overregulating and underregulating tech, the efforts made by local governments to protect local tech companies, and the current government support towards AI companies in China.

If you are interested in learning more about Zhang’s insightful interpretations of China’s tech regulations, check out my article published today. One interesting aspect of our discussion was how market overreactions to Chinese tech policies have become a significant tool in the tech regulator’s toolbox today.

The capital markets are constantly speculating on how tech companies will be affected by government policies, leading them to closely analyze any signs of a potential crackdown on certain technologies in China. The response to these signals from the Chinese government often results in overreactions from investors. For example, when a gaming regulator drafted a proposal to regulate gaming activities last December, the market was significantly spooked even though the proposal was relatively standard. This caused a substantial drop in the market value of China’s top gaming companies, prompting regulators to shelve the draft law temporarily to alleviate market concerns.

Zhang noted that in previous crackdowns, the most significant impact on firms came not in the form of monetary fines but rather in the shift in market sentiment. This sentiment can have a more lasting effect on companies than a simple financial penalty.

By Samantha Robertson

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