What role is China playing in the Ukraine peace conference in Switzerland without Russia?

Ukraine is advocating for a peace conference to be held in Switzerland in mid-June, taking advantage of Joe Biden’s presence in Europe for the G7 summit in Puglia. The goal is to avoid the conference being too close to the American elections in November. The involvement of countries from the ‘Global South’ is crucial, as Russia’s participation is seen as decisive. However, Moscow has not been invited and will not be in attendance, as announced by the Russian embassy in Bern.

The Ukrainians aim to have 80-90 countries, especially from the Global South, at the conference. The presence of China is also important, but it may not attend if Russia is not there. President Zelensky’s 10-point peace plan aligned with the UN Charter is the main focus, with plans for mini-summits on specific points. The ultimate goal is to force Russia to accept the peace plan through a series of conferences.

The path forward is met with opposition from Moscow and some countries in the Global South who continue to do business with Russia. European countries and the United States continue to support Zelensky’s peace efforts but stress the need for Global South participation to avoid the conference becoming counterproductive.

From a military perspective, Ukraine is facing challenges as the war in Donbass continues. The country is in need of ammunition and air defense systems, while Russian attacks target infrastructure and industrial capacity. With reports of additional Russian troops mobilizing, Ukraine is facing a shortage of volunteers. The situation is described as delicate, with concerns about the front line and the readiness of Ukrainian forces.

In conclusion, the road to peace in Ukraine is complex, requiring diplomatic maneuvers and addressing military challenges. The involvement of key players, including Russia and countries from the Global South, is crucial for a successful peace conference. The situation on the ground remains tense, with uncertainties about the future of the conflict in Ukraine.

By Samantha Robertson

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