Utah Women’s Sports Showcase, Beehive Bash, set for April 13

The Beehive Bash will be a weekend event showcasing women’s sports teams in Utah. For the first time, a day will be dedicated to highlighting the diverse women’s sports programs in the Beehive State. Six teams will come together at Highland High School to play three different sports – rugby, ultimate frisbee, and football.

Local rugby teams like the Salt City Slugs, Boulder Babes, and Utah Vipers will compete, along with players from Provo Peaks and BYU’s extramural squad. The Utah Wild will showcase ultimate frisbee, while the Utah Falconz will play football. These teams often go unnoticed, but events like the Beehive Bash aim to bring attention to their talent and dedication.

The Beehive Bash is part of an initiative to advocate for a dedicated sports complex for women’s professional and semi-professional sports in Utah. The event is also a platform to promote the She Plays Here proposal, which advocates for more opportunities for women athletes. Tickets for the event are available online through the Utah Falconz or Utah Wild websites, and also at the gate.

The captains of the participating teams express excitement for the event, emphasizing the strength and talent of each team. They hope to inspire others by showcasing their skills on the field. The schedule includes rugby matches between various teams, an ultimate frisbee game featuring the Utah Wild, and a football game between the Utah Falconz and the San Diego Rebellion. The Beehive Bash promises to be a day full of exciting sports action, unity, and empowerment for women athletes in Utah.

By Samantha Robertson

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