Twitter introduces Grok chatbot access for Premium subscribers

X, formerly known as Twitter, has recently expanded access to its chatbot Grok, powered by generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), to users subscribed to the Premium version of the social network. This allows more accounts to interact with the AI and receive its clever and humorous responses. Grok was first introduced by Elon Musk in November of last year as a Generative AI model that provides real-time answers with creativity and humor. Inspired by the novel “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” Grok is capable of answering almost any question and even suggests what questions to ask.

Initially, trials were introduced at the Premium+ subscription level, and last March, the company published the model and architecture of Grok in a GitHub repository. The large language model Grok-1 has been trained from scratch using a significant amount of data. Now, users subscribed to the Premium version of the social network can also interact with the Grok chatbot, in addition to those at the Premium+ level.

Through its Help Center website, X announced that access to the Grok chatbot is currently limited to Premium and Premium+ subscribers in certain territories. The Premium subscription includes access to the chatbot, allowing users to engage with the AI that answers questions in real-time based on the knowledge acquired from the social network.

Grok is known for answering unique questions that other AI systems may reject and does so with humor and a rebellious streak. Users can now utilize the Grok chatbot by subscribing to the Premium tier for 9.68 euros per month (101.64 euros annually) or the Premium+ tier for 19.36 euros per month (202.28 euros annually). This expansion of access to the Grok AI reflects X’s commitment to enhancing user experience and interaction within the social network.

By Samantha Robertson

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