The gruesome tale of a son who decapitates his father and uses his head to play football, sending shockwaves through Spain

A forty-six-year-old man was arrested in Soto de Ribera, a small town in Asturias, while playing football in the street with his father’s head. The decapitated body of his father was found in the house they shared in the nearby village of Picòn. The Spanish media reports that the motives for the murder are still unknown.

The suspect, covered in blood and naked from the waist up, was in a state of clear agitation when the Civil Guard arrived to arrest him. Passers-by had alerted the authorities after witnessing the disturbing scene. Witnesses reported seeing the man kicking his father’s head and throwing it against passing vehicles, all while wielding the axe used in the parricide and laughing incessantly. The forty-six-year-old attempted to attack the Civil Guard cars three times before he was apprehended and taken to a psychiatric ward.

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