Preview of the NFL Draft: Seahawks to focus on defense under Mike Macdonald, with attention still needed on the offensive line

The Seattle Seahawks finished the 2023 season with a record of 9-8, missing out on the playoffs. As they head into the offseason, they have a number of draft picks to work with. In the first round, they hold the No. 16 pick, while in the third round they have the No. 81 pick from the Saints. They also have two fourth-round picks, No. 102 from the Commanders and No. 118. In the sixth round, they have the No. 179 pick from the Commanders and the No. 192 pick. Their final pick is in the seventh round at No. 235.

With college basketball coming to a close and MLB’s Opening Day behind us, focus is now shifting to the NFL Draft. The Seahawks have a number of needs to address in the draft, including offensive line, linebacker, safety, and defensive line positions. With a new head coach, Mike Macdonald, at the helm, the team is looking to revamp its defense after losing key players in the offseason.

In terms of potential fits for the Seahawks in the draft, offensive lineman Graham Barton from Duke could be a strong first-round pick. On Day 2, safety Cole Bishop from Utah and linebacker Junior Colson from Michigan are considered good fits for the team. Looking back at how they did in the last draft, the Seahawks received a B-plus grade, with their first-round picks performing well but the rest of the class being somewhat underwhelming.

In terms of fantasy football, the Seahawks have a solid group of skill position players but could benefit from upgrading their offensive line. With veteran quarterback Geno Smith struggling last season, the team may consider addressing the position in the draft. Overall, the Seahawks will be looking to bolster their roster and address key needs in the upcoming NFL Draft.

By Samantha Robertson

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