Partnership Between The South End Technology Center and The Mary J Harris Foundation Advances Mel King’s Vision

The South End Technology Center and the Mary J. Harris Foundation, Inc. recently announced their joint commitment to providing technology education and access, with a specific focus on health and life sciences in underserved communities. These communities have historically experienced systemic imbalances and disparities, which have led to challenges in accessing quality healthcare. In order to address these issues and improve quality of life, a center of support is needed to provide innovative solutions using technology and digital strategies to drive systemic change.

Founded by the late MIT Professor, political figure, and activist Mel King, the South End Technology Center was created to bridge the gap in technology access. Continuing Mel King’s vision, Executive Director Michael King and President and Founder Bianca Clark of the Mary J. Harris Foundation are working to improve health literacy through technology, starting with senior citizens in the City of Boston.

Clark, a former analyst at Silicon Valley Bank, emphasizes the importance of their innovative model, which focuses on creating trusted spaces to support medical partners in managing care and delivering high-quality services to patients and their families. By using technology as a tool to provide a standard of care, this partnership aims to pave the way for equitable healthcare access.

This collaboration between the South End Technology Center and the Mary J Harris Foundation marks a significant step towards advancing health technology access in underserved communities. With a focus on leveraging technology to address complex social problems and drive systemic change, this partnership offers a promising pathway forward for improving healthcare outcomes in these communities. Visit and for more information.

By Samantha Robertson

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