Middlebury scientists excitedly experience their first total solar eclipse

The solar eclipse event in Middlebury, Vermont gathered spectators from all walks of life, including Astronomy Professor Eilat Glikman and her daughter Navah, 15. While many attendees left the event shortly after totality, Glikman and her daughter remained to soak in the experience. They watched the eclipse from a hillside picnic blanket, marveling at the sight and reflecting on the shared human experience.

Both Glikman and Navah were in awe of the eclipse, with Navah expressing her surprise at the glowing sun. They chose to view the eclipse with a crowd of college students, enjoying the festive atmosphere as people cheered and shared in the special moment together.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the lawn, Middlebury College Observatory Specialist Catherine Miller was capturing solar photos during the eclipse. Using two cameras, she documented the movement of the sun across the sky, giving her own unique perspective on the event. Miller described her experience of the total solar eclipse as “wild” and was amazed by the sight of totality.

Overall, the solar eclipse event in Middlebury brought together people from different backgrounds and perspectives to witness a rare and awe-inspiring celestial event.

By Samantha Robertson

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