Mark Selby cautious of tough first-round matchups at the Crucible during World Championship qualifiers

Mark Selby is cautious about the tough opponents who may come through qualifying at the World Championship. Former winners Neil Robertson and Stuart Bingham are among the players competing to secure their spot at the Crucible. Selby believes this demonstrates the depth of talent in snooker and could lead to exciting early match-ups.

Selby noted that in previous years, there were matches that players would prefer to avoid due to the strong competition. However, this year he feels there are even more contenders who could pose a challenge. Ronnie O’Sullivan, a record seven-time champion, is already guaranteed a place in the tournament.

Players like Robertson, Bingham, Matthew Stevens, and Jimmy White are facing the daunting task of navigating through multiple rounds of qualifying to reach Sheffield. White has already advanced to the second round with a 10-0 win over Martin Gould. Selby recognizes the potential threat presented by those who qualify for the Crucible.

He pointed out tough opponents like Neil, Maguire, Walden, McGill, Lisowski, Bingham, and others, emphasizing that there are several strong contenders right from the start of the tournament. The final round of qualifying, known as ‘Judgement Day,’ will take place on April 16 and 17, with the main event starting on April 20. Fans can watch the World Championship and other top snooker action live or on-demand on discovery+.

By Samantha Robertson

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