Department of Health welcomes NMA leadership to discuss Maternal Child Health issues

The City of St. Louis Department of Health recently hosted National Medical Association leadership for a groundbreaking discussion on regional maternal child health. The meeting, held at the Missouri Foundation for Health on March 21, brought together guests from the St. Louis region to address disparities affecting Black and brown mothers and the actions being taken by various stakeholders to address them.

Leading the discussion was Department of Health Director Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis, who moderated a panel of esteemed women in the field of maternal child health. The panel included NMA president Dr. Yolanda Lawson, Generate Health Executive Director Kendra Copanas, doula and CEO of Jamaa Birth Village Okunsola Amadou, and Dr. Dineo Khabele of Washington University.

The panelists shared insights and experiences on the challenges faced by Black and brown mothers in the region, as well as the initiatives and strategies being implemented by private businesses, community organizations, and healthcare providers to improve maternal and child health outcomes. The discussion aimed to raise awareness about the disparities and drive collective action to address them.

Overall, the event served as a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and advocacy to support maternal and child health in the St. Louis region. By bringing together key stakeholders and experts in the field, the Department of Health hopes to drive lasting change and improve the health and well-being of all mothers and children in the community.

By Samantha Robertson

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