Oklahoma Towns Anticipate Increase in Business Due to Eclipse Viewing

Small towns located along the path of totality for the eclipse are capitalizing on the influx of visitors. News On 6’s Chinh Doan reported live from a bustling area off Highway 259 that leads to Beavers Bend State Park. By 9 a.m., the roads were packed with cars, bringing in potential customers for businesses like Perfectly Imperfect Vintage Marketplace & Boutique.

To accommodate the increased traffic, businesses in the area are offering day-of parking spots for a fee of $25 per car. In addition, city parks are providing free parking options for visitors. McCurtain County is anticipating a significant increase in population due to the surge of tourists, and local businesses are embracing the opportunity to attract more customers.

Donna Ray, one of the owners of Perfectly Imperfect Vintage Marketplace & Boutique, noted that their store is quickly selling out of eclipse-themed merchandise like t-shirts, tumblers, and stickers. She observed that many of the visitors were from out of town, including locations such as Chicago, Detroit, various cities in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and South Florida.

Further down the road, Beavers Bend State Park has already reached full occupancy for its cabins. While there are a few remaining accommodations available in other areas, the prices have been raised to reflect the high demand caused by the eclipse event.

By Samantha Robertson

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