New research shows that one-fourth of American adults experience ongoing health problems after recovering from COVID-19

A new government study has revealed that 25% of American adults are still experiencing lingering issues after recovering from COVID-19, including potentially deadly blood clots. MedHelp Clinics CEO Dr. Jordan Vaughn recently discussed this concerning issue with The National Desk’s Jan Jeffcoat.

Dr. Vaughn explained that May-Thurner syndrome is a condition that affects the iliac vein in the pelvic venous area, leading to poor venous return. This can increase the risk of developing blood clots and other circulation issues. The recent case of Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, who underwent surgery to remove a blood clot and was diagnosed with May-Thurner syndrome, has brought attention to this condition.

Symptoms of May-Thurner syndrome can include leg heaviness and swelling. Dr. Vaughn pointed out that COVID-19 can contribute to the development of this condition by causing damage to blood vessels, creating a hyper-coagulant state, and affecting blood flow. These three factors can increase the likelihood of blood clots forming in individuals who have had COVID-19.

By Samantha Robertson

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