Insights from UCCS Science Professor on Colorado Springs’ Monday Solar Eclipse

On Monday, a solar eclipse will sweep across North America, with many cities in 15 states falling along the path of totality. While Colorado is not directly in the path of the total eclipse, the state will still experience some darkness. According to NASA, the eclipse will be visible along a narrow track from Texas to Maine. The Department of Physics and Energy Science at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, shared insights on what Colorado can expect during the event.

The Senior Instructor, Professor Sam Milazzo explained that when the moon aligns perfectly with the sun, it can block a significant portion of the sun’s light. In Colorado Springs, it is predicted that about 60-65 percent of the sun will be blocked by the moon. This is less totality compared to the solar eclipse in 2017. The eclipse is expected to start around 11:28 a.m., with the peak occurring at 12:39 p.m. and ending just before 2 p.m.

Professor Milazzo pointed out that during the eclipse, observers should pay attention to the sharpness of shadows created by the sun due to the reduced light. However, it is crucial to remember that even when the sun is partially blocked, it is still extremely bright and should not be looked at directly. Viewing the eclipse without proper protection can cause severe damage to the eyes.

To view the eclipse safely, NASA recommends using glasses that meet the ISO 12312-2 international standard. Regular sunglasses are not sufficient for viewing an eclipse. NASA also suggests creating a homemade viewing device as an alternative. KKTV will be providing coverage of the eclipse throughout the day on various platforms.

As the eclipse approaches, it is important to remember the safety precautions outlined by experts to enjoy the event without causing harm to the eyes.

By Samantha Robertson

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