Companies are utilizing drones to identify potential risks and reasons for the cancellation of your home insurance policy.

Insurance companies are now utilizing drones to inspect homes and assess reasons to cancel home insurance policies, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. For instance, Cindy Picos had her California home’s roof photographed by a drone before her insurance provider decided to drop her policy. Despite Picos’s roof being in good condition, an independent inspection found that it had another 10 years of life expectancy. However, the insurance company stood by their decision based on the aerial photos they refused to show her.

Insurance companies have a wide range of aerial surveillance tools at their disposal, including drones, manned planes, and high-altitude balloons. This technology allows them to nearly fully cover the entire country. However, the use of drones and other aerial surveillance methods is not without flaws. Companies have canceled policies based on outdated or misrepresented images. For example, a photo that initially seemed to show fallen tree limbs was later discovered to just be shadows.

Despite the imperfections, the technology is rapidly advancing. With developments in high-definition surveillance, properties could soon be monitored on a daily basis. This shift towards increased aerial surveillance presents challenges and potential risks for homeowners when it comes to maintaining their insurance policies.

By Samantha Robertson

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