Baker Hughes to provide electrical technology for the Cedar LNG project in Canada

Baker Hughes has been awarded a contract from Black & Veatch to supply Cedar LNG in Canada with electric driven liquefaction technologies. This order was secured in the first quarter of 2024.

The Cedar LNG project will utilize a variety of turbomachinery equipment provided by Baker Hughes, including four electric-driven main refrigeration compressors, two electric-driven boil-off gas compressors, and six centrifugal pumps. With the use of renewable electricity, Cedar LNG aims to become one of the most environmentally friendly LNG facilities globally.

Black & Veatch is dedicated to helping their clients and the communities they serve make progress in their decarbonization efforts. The Cedar LNG project is a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions by offering lower-carbon LNG options to customers seeking cleaner energy sources. With Canada’s abundant natural gas resources, Cedar LNG is well-positioned to accelerate this phase of the energy transition.

Baker Hughes sees this award as an important milestone in the LNG market, showcasing the strength of their portfolio and their commitment to working with industry partners to provide efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for the natural gas sector. The company’s executive vice president of Industrial & Energy Technology, Ganesh Ramaswamy, believes that electrification will play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions from natural gas over the next decade.

This contract adds to the positive momentum for Baker Hughes’ gas technology equipment portfolio, following several major LNG orders over the past year. The company is pleased to continue collaborating with partners like Black & Veatch to support the shift towards cleaner energy sources.

By Samantha Robertson

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