The Decline of Air Quality in Various Locations and its Adverse Effects on Human Health

Air pollution is a significant threat to human health, causing nearly 7 million premature deaths worldwide each year. A new report by IQAir, a Swiss research organization that manufactures air purifiers, revealed that in 2023, only seven countries met the World Health Organization’s air quality guidelines, while more than 90 percent of countries and territories exceeded them. The report gathered data from 134 countries, regions, and territories, highlighting central and South Asia as home to the top ten most polluted cities in the world. Additionally, in North America, wildfires exacerbated by climate change have led to increased air pollution, affecting cities like Minneapolis, Detroit, and Milwaukee.
Glory Dolphin Hammes, the North American CEO for IQAir, emphasizes the severity of the situation. Despite some nations achieving better control of their air pollution, many are still struggling to address the issue effectively. The reasons for this lack of progress are diverse and complex, and vary from country to country. Factors such as industrial emissions, vehicle traffic, agricultural practices, and the burning of fossil fuels all contribute to poor air quality. Additionally, inadequate regulations and enforcement, lack of public awareness, and insufficient funding for air quality initiatives are also major obstacles to improving air pollution levels.
Moving forward, it is essential for governments, businesses, and individuals to prioritize and invest in measures that reduce air pollution. This includes implementing stricter regulations on emissions, promoting renewable energy sources, improving public transportation systems, and raising awareness about the health impacts of air pollution. By working together and taking decisive action, countries can make significant progress in addressing this global public health crisis.

By Samantha Robertson

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