Thai city plans to capture 2,500 wild monkeys causing destruction.

Residents in Lopburi city are facing a growing issue with the local monkeys becoming increasingly aggressive and stealing food. The mischievous long-tailed macaques have become a symbol of the city, with tourists often feeding them fresh fruit and taking pictures of them. However, after receiving numerous complaints from residents, wildlife authorities have announced plans to round up 2,500 monkeys in the inner city and put them in large cages. Incidents of monkeys causing harm to humans have been reported, such as a woman dislocating her knee and a man losing control of his motorbike due to monkey interference.

While some residents feel that the monkeys are a part of the city’s identity and oppose harming them, others believe that the large monkey population is causing damage to businesses, homes, and posing a threat to human health. Monkeys are known to stalk people and businesses in search of food, with some sellers even carrying slingshots to scare them away. Measures such as installing trellises and displaying large toy animals to deter monkeys from entering buildings have been taken by some establishments. Wildlife authorities plan to conduct a monkey roundup, beginning with capturing the most aggressive male monkeys first.

Authorities have also launched a sterilization campaign to control the monkey population, as female monkeys can reproduce quickly. Awareness about feeding habits and appropriate food for monkeys is being emphasized by experts. While some residents are skeptical about the effectiveness of the monkey roundup, others believe that it will help improve the quality of life in the city and make it cleaner. The goal is to find a balance between preserving the city’s identity and ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents.

By Samantha Robertson

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