SunCar Technology Group’s (NASDAQ: SDA) Stock Soars to $7.52

SunCar Technology Group Inc. (NASDAQ: SDA) saw its shares gap up prior to trading on Friday. The stock had closed at $7.52 and opened at $7.69, before settling at $7.26 by the end of trading with a volume of 31,087 shares changing hands.

The company’s stock was down 6.3%, with a fifty day moving average price of $6.99 and a 200 day moving average price of $7.98.

Institutional trading of SunCar Technology Group saw Geode Capital Management LLC buying a new position in the company’s stock in the second quarter. The firm acquired 19,040 shares, valued at approximately $491,000, representing 0.26% ownership of the stock by institutional investors and hedge funds.

SunCar Technology Group Inc. provides digitalized automotive after-sales service and online insurance intermediation services in China. It operates through three segments: Insurance Intermediation Business, Automotive After-Sales Business, and Technology Business.

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