Sheffield health board informed that the current NHS model is not sustainable

Dr. Zak McMurray, a member of the NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, believes that the NHS should move away from its current medical model of care and instead focus on improving people’s wellbeing. He expressed concern that the current approach of treating illnesses in a cause-and-effect manner is not sustainable. McMurray emphasized the importance of shifting towards a focus on preventing illnesses rather than simply treating them.

Sheffield City Council’s health and wellbeing board highlighted the disparity in health outcomes between different areas of the city. People in the poorer areas of Sheffield tend to live shorter lives and experience more poor health compared to those in wealthier areas. The council’s Joint Local Health and Wellbeing Strategy aims to address this imbalance by improving the health and wellbeing of the most disadvantaged populations in the city.

The strategy envisions closing the gap in life expectancy and quality of life by prioritizing the health of the most vulnerable individuals. Susan Hird, the council’s assistant director of public health, emphasized the need for determined action and innovative thinking to drive positive change. The board agreed that the strategy should be regularly reviewed and supported by one-year delivery plans to ensure progress is being made.

Dr. McMurray called for a reallocation of resources from the current “illness factory medical model” towards a more holistic approach to healthcare. He believes that this shift in focus would lead to better health outcomes for the population. Greg Fell, the council’s director of public health, stressed the importance of staying committed to effective strategies even in the face of challenges. By prioritizing wellbeing over illness treatment, the NHS and Sheffield City Council aim to create a healthier, more equitable future for everyone in the city.

By Samantha Robertson

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