Nashville entrepreneur from Taiwan shares thoughts on homeland’s destruction.

Taiwan is currently facing the aftermath of a devastating 7.4 magnitude earthquake that has claimed the lives of over a dozen people, injured hundreds, and left many trapped. Grace Tseng, a Taiwanese with Chinese heritage, is deeply affected by the disaster as it struck the county where her grandparents live. Fortunately, her family and friends are safe, with minimal damage to their property. Tseng expresses her heartbreak for those who have been affected by the earthquake in Taiwan and emphasizes the importance of support and prayers from the community.

Tseng acknowledges that earthquakes are common in Taiwan, but credits the low death toll to the government’s focus on preparedness over the years. While it will take time to rebuild the damaged homes and businesses, Tseng urges people to keep the people of Taiwan in their thoughts and reach out to offer support. Officials report that most victims of the earthquake were outdoors, succumbing to falling rocks or landslides, with only one fatality reported in a collapsed building so far.

In a separate incident, Ravenwood High School students have come together to surprise a 3-year-old girl named Tilly with a trip to Disney World through Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee. This heartwarming gesture has brought joy to the little girl who has been through a lot and now gets to experience the magic of Disney. Carrie Sharp commends the efforts of the students in making Tilly’s dream come true and emphasizes the importance of bringing happiness to a child who adores princesses.

By Samantha Robertson

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