Local Science Team Competes in State Competition

Team JOCO, the Johnston County Homeschool Science Olympiad team, has achieved great success after years of hard work and dedication. Placing third overall at the ECU regional competition on February 17th, they have earned a spot to compete against 39 other top high school teams from across North Carolina at NC State University.

Comprised of 15 locally homeschooled students, many of whom are seasoned competitors, Team JOCO aims to demonstrate that learning science, having fun, and glorifying Jesus can all go hand in hand. Head coach Martha Walker explains that their goal has always been to make science enjoyable to learn and to build lasting friendships while staying true to their faith.

Assistant coach Amanda Ashworth reflects on the rewarding experience of watching the students grow and form strong bonds with one another. As some of the students prepare to graduate this year, the team looks forward to welcoming new high schoolers who will join their close-knit group.

After facing challenges during the pandemic, this will be Team JOCO’s first in-person bid to compete at the state level since 2020. They are thrilled for the opportunity to participate in person at NC State and are asking for support and prayers as they prepare for the upcoming competition.

The team invites supporters to witness the events firsthand at NC State on April 13th, with the competition running from 8:00am to 4:00pm and awards ceremony at 6:00pm. Their impressive journey and success serve as a testament to their hard work, determination, and passion for science education.

By Samantha Robertson

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