Former Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman believes that the Vikings are willing to pay a premium to acquire J.J. McCarthy.

The Vikings recently acquired another first-round pick in the 2024 draft as part of their strategy to move up from their current position at No. 11. Former Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman is confident that they will make the move and is anticipating that they will have to give up a significant amount in order to secure former Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy. Spielman believes they may need to trade picks 11 and 23, their 2025 first-round pick, and additional draft capital to make it happen.

The decision not to extend Kirk Cousins led the Vikings to use the eleventh overall pick as a starting point for potential trades. Adding a second first-round pick shortly after Cousins’ departure further indicated their intentions to secure a quarterback in this year’s draft. Another option for the Vikings is to consider Sam Darnold for a year, but acquiring a potential franchise quarterback seems to be a priority for them in this draft.

The key question now is how high the Vikings are willing to move up in the draft and which quarterback they will target. They are keeping their cards close to their chest to ensure they can get the player they want without revealing their plans. Coach Kevin O’Connell is known for his ability to develop and mentor quarterbacks, giving whoever they choose the opportunity to reach their full potential under his guidance. This could be a significant advantage compared to other teams and coaches in the draft class.

By Samantha Robertson

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