Erdogan’s electoral loss can be attributed to inflation

The main reason for the success of the Turkish opposition was the poor economic situation. The government has been sticking to its course of reform despite the pain it is causing the population, which could ultimately pay off in the long run. The recent inflation figures for March were slightly below market expectations but showed an increase compared to the previous month.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan acknowledged that price increases have not stopped and referred to inflation as a bottomless pit. This situation is a result of Turkey’s long-standing unconventional monetary policy, which Erdogan has supported, leading to a decline in the value of the currency. The economic hardships are widely seen as the primary reason for Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party’s defeat in the local elections.

The high cost of living, particularly in big cities like Istanbul, has been a major concern for Turks. The government’s efforts to control prices and address inflation have gained some momentum but require more determination. Despite initial challenges, the government is on the right path with a new leadership team promoting fiscal orthodoxy. The Central Bank has been raising interest rates steadily to combat inflation.

The recent local elections marked a shift in economic policy towards a more conservative approach. Despite the inflationary pressure, the government is focused on reducing consumption and ending the expansionary monetary policy that has been in place for years. Investors are showing renewed interest in Turkey’s market, believing in the potential for positive change in the economy.

The road ahead remains challenging as the government aims to sustain the fight against inflation and other structural issues. The external challenges, such as trade pressure from the West and the financial burden of earthquake reconstruction, are additional obstacles to overcome. However, maintaining the current course could lead to long-term economic stability and success for Turkey in the future.

By Samantha Robertson

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