Duralex continues its black streak with a 1.3 million euro debt to pay

Duralex, the famous glassworks company based in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin (Loiret), is facing challenges once again. After having to halt its operations during an energy crisis, the company is now dealing with a court decision that requires them to pay off a debt incurred in 2020 by the previous operator. This debt, amounting to 1.3 million euros at current prices, stems from Duralex exceeding its greenhouse gas emissions quotas in 2020, leading to potential fines of 2 million euros.

The debt poses a significant financial burden for Duralex, impacting its ability to maintain operations sustainably. The company, which employs 230 people, has decided to appeal the decision of the administrative court, stating that the debt had not been declared and the commercial court had ruled out any assumption of liabilities of this nature. Additionally, Duralex has filed a complaint against the former manager for leaking confidential documents regarding a planned sale of the company.

Despite these challenges, Duralex remains determined to overcome these obstacles and continue its operations. With a rich history and reputation for producing durable and affordable glassware, the company is committed to finding solutions to ensure its financial health and longevity in the industry. By taking legal action and exploring all options available, Duralex is working towards a resolution that will allow it to thrive once again.

By Samantha Robertson

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