Trump Media shares fall 12% at the close of second trading week

Donald Trump’s media business, Trump Media & Technology Group, has been facing challenges since becoming a public company. The company’s shares, which trade under the ticker symbol “DJT,” closed at a new low on the Nasdaq exchange last month. This marked a significant drop from its initial trading high on March 26, resulting in a loss of approximately $4 billion in market value.

Despite the initial high trading price, Wall Street analysts have expressed concerns about the financial prospects of Trump Media. They have compared the company to “meme” stocks like GameStop, suggesting that it may be overvalued. However, a Trump Media spokesperson remains optimistic about the company’s future, highlighting its access to capital markets and financial stability.

Trump Media reported a loss of $58 million on revenue of $4.1 million for 2023. The company’s auditor raised concerns about its ability to continue operating, but Trump Media CEO Devin Nunes is confident in the company’s growth potential. Trump himself owns a majority of the company’s shares, valued at $3.3 billion.

Despite facing challenges and criticisms, Trump Media remains focused on expanding and enhancing its platform, Truth Social. The company aims to establish itself as a premier free-speech platform for the American people, leveraging its financial stability and Trump’s ownership stake to drive growth and success in the future.

By Samantha Robertson

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