Shreveport’s Parks and Science Museum to Host Free Eclipse Event

In anticipation of the upcoming solar eclipse in 2024, NASA, Twitch, and Microsoft have teamed up to provide a unique viewing experience for the public. Through a side-by-side livestream, viewers will have the opportunity to witness the eclipse while also enjoying special gaming experiences in Fortnite and Minecraft.

As the world eagerly awaits this celestial event, SPAR (Shreveport Public Assembly & Recreation) has partnered with Sci-Port Discovery Center to host an educational and engaging event for the community. This event will take place on April 6th at 2:00 PM at Southern Hills, offering attendees a chance to learn more about astronomy through hands-on demonstrations, interactive activities, and expert-led discussions.

Highlights of the event include demonstrations on the phases of the moon, explanations of different types of eclipses, foam rocket activities, and a Mars helicopter activity designed to inspire curiosity. The event is free and open to all individuals looking to expand their knowledge and have fun exploring the wonders of science.

SPAR Director, Shelly Ragle expressed excitement about the partnership with Sci-Port Discovery Center and the opportunity to provide this enriching experience to the community. Dianne Clark, Executive Director of Sci-Port Discovery Center, shared her enthusiasm for the event, emphasizing the importance of sparking curiosity and passion for science at all ages.

For more information and updates on this event and others, visit SPAR’s website at or check out their social media channels. SWPECO is also preparing for the solar eclipse, so stay informed with the latest news and updates.

By Samantha Robertson

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