Protests approved for third development program at former Sde Dov airport

The Tel Aviv District Design and Construction Commission has approved the third and final development program for the former Sde Dov Airport site. The program includes the construction of 4,028 housing units, with 449 units designated for long-term rentals, student accommodation, and social housing for the elderly. 25% of the apartments will be small-sized. Additionally, the program includes plans for 23,000 sq.m. of retail space, 29,100 sq.m. of office space, 83 thousand sq.m. of hotels, and 167 dunams of parks and open areas. Public buildings, schools, and kindergartens will also be constructed as part of the development.

The first program, which was approved three years ago, included plans for 4,884 housing units, with pre-sales already underway. A second program for 7,128 housing units has been approved to take effect in March 2024.

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