Multiple fires have been reported near Business Loop 70 in Columbia since December

Another fire broke out on Business Loop 70 in Columbia on Friday morning, causing one firefighter to sustain non-life-threatening injuries. The fire department is currently investigating the cause and origin of the fire. This incident is just one of several fires that have occurred near Business Loop since December 12, when an arson was reported at a storage unit on Nebraska Avenue, resulting in over $100,000 worth of damage. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported in that fire.

On March 22, another fire was reported in the old Plush Lounge location, again resulting in no injuries. Dimetrious Woods, owner of Woods Auto Spa located near the old Plush Lounge, shared his thoughts on the incident, expressing his relief that the fire did not affect his business or food trailer. He emphasized the local concern regarding these fires and the potential impact on nearby businesses.

ABC 17 News reached out to the Business Loop Community Improvement District for further information on the recent fires and their effects on the community. As always, ABC 17 News encourages respectful and relevant conversation among its viewers. Community guidelines are in place to ensure that discussions remain constructive and civil. If you have a story idea to share, you can submit it through the appropriate channels.

By Samantha Robertson

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