Israeli Startup Aims to Eliminate Road Carnage

LETSTOP utilizes a specially developed algorithm to automatically calculate rewards for users based on factors such as their level in the application, monthly accumulation balance, and trip score. With support from experts in the automotive, crypto, and artificial intelligence fields, LETSTOP aims to create a global community dedicated to enhancing road safety and reducing the prevalence of traffic accidents caused by phone usage while driving.

As part of the service, drivers receive tips and feedback using an advanced artificial intelligence system that analyzes driving data to provide personalized recommendations for improving driving habits. The company’s ultimate goal is to instill a significant change in driving culture, promoting personal and collective responsibility among drivers to reduce accidents and save lives.

Co-founders Dor Levy and Almog Nissan, veterans in the investment industry, were inspired to start LETSTOP after Almog was involved in a serious car accident caused by a distracted driver. Their mission is not limited to being an app but extends to creating a safer driving culture by rewarding positive behavior and encouraging responsible driving practices.

In a time of complexity and challenges, the importance of safe and responsible driving has never been more critical. As Israel faces difficult circumstances, LETSTOP recognizes the importance of promoting responsible driving habits by offering rewards and prizes to encourage positive behavior. CEO Dor Levy emphasizes the company’s commitment to enhancing road safety to reduce risks and contribute to public security and peace in Israel.

By Samantha Robertson

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