Carson Wentz signs one-year, $3.25 million contract.

Five years ago, Carson Wentz signed a lucrative contract that paid him $32 million annually. However, in 2024, he will only be making around 10% of that amount. NFL Media reported that Wentz’s new one-year contract with the Chiefs has a base value of $3.325 million. This deal includes $2.2 million guaranteed and $1.1 million in per-game active roster bonuses, contingent on him being in uniform each week to receive the full amount.

At this stage in his career, Wentz is more focused on the opportunity presented to him rather than the financial aspect. He has the chance to learn from experienced players like starter Patrick Mahomes and coach Andy Reid, which could potentially set the stage for a comeback as a starting quarterback. Despite being 31 years old, Wentz still has time to work on improving his game, such as avoiding questionable plays like a left-handed throw from his own end zone. By being a part of the Chiefs, he may finally learn how to eliminate these mistakes and possibly earn a second Super Bowl ring in the process.

By Samantha Robertson

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