Brooklyn students educates on earthquakes following recent tremor

Students at a school in Red Hook, Brooklyn had an exciting experience on Friday morning when they felt an earthquake firsthand. The incident occurred in Brian Bissinger’s third grade science class at Basis Independent Brooklyn Upper School. A strange sound was heard, causing glass beakers to rattle on their shelves, prompting the class to pause and wonder what was happening.

Some students, like Laila Madhosingh, felt the ground shake but initially thought it was just people walking around. After a school-wide safety drill, the science behind earthquakes became the focus of the day. Students in the class learned from Mr. Bissinger that earthquakes are caused by two plates shifting and shaking the earth.

Despite the morning’s excitement, the students continued with their daily lessons, with some feeling like they had survived a mini earthquake. Senior Alex Rosenzweig, who was on the fifth floor at the time, felt scared by the unexpected event, as earthquakes are not common in New York. The school is planning an eclipse watch party for students on Monday, generating even more interest in science among the students.

Though some students were nervous during the earthquake, they ultimately found the experience exciting and something they won’t soon forget. Concerned parents checked in throughout the day, but the students took away a valuable lesson from the unexpected earthquake event.

By Samantha Robertson

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