Amazon Fresh introduces smart shopping carts to replace walk out technology

Amazon Fresh is implementing significant changes to its advanced checkout process, as the company is removing its cashierless “Just Walk Out” system from its stores. The supermarket arm of Amazon will be transitioning to Dash Carts in place of the Just Walk Out system. These smart shopping carts have the ability to track items as shoppers place them in the cart and allow for checkout via the Dash Cart lane. In contrast, the Just Walk Out process relied on cameras and shelf sensors to enable customers to pay without the need to stand in line.

Though Amazon Fresh is moving away from the Just Walk Out technology in its stores, the company will continue to utilize this technology in Amazon Go stores, smaller outlets in the UK, and other third-party locations. This cashierless technology was first introduced in the US in 2016 but is now being replaced by the Dash Carts to provide customers with additional benefits.

According to Amazon spokesperson Jessica Martin, customers have expressed a desire for features such as the ability to easily locate products, access deals, view receipts in real-time while shopping, and monitor savings throughout the store. In response to this feedback, Amazon is rolling out the Amazon Dash Cart to enhance convenience for customers who now have the option to skip the checkout line while enjoying these added benefits.

Amazon has been testing the Dash Carts in select Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods stores as part of its initiative to modernize and improve the checkout process. The introduction of high-tech smart carts by retailers like ShopRite is also contributing to the revolutionization of checkout processes within the retail sector.

Currently, there are 44 Amazon Fresh stores nationwide, with one located in New Jersey. The opening of the first Amazon Fresh store in New Jersey took place in Paramus in 2022, and there are plans for a new store to open soon in Eatontown. As Amazon continues to innovate and evolve its checkout processes, these changes are designed to enhance the shopping experience for customers.

By Samantha Robertson

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