Yellen Criticizes China’s ‘Coercive’ Actions towards US Companies and Calls for Reform

During her four-day visit to China, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen criticized the Chinese government for their “unfair” treatment of American and other foreign companies. Yellen called on Beijing to return to the pro-market reforms of the past and address the barriers to access for foreign firms that China has imposed. She also expressed concern over the coercive actions taken against American companies.

Yellen made these remarks during a meeting in Guangzhou, where she highlighted China’s unfair economic practices and emphasized the importance of raising these issues during her meetings throughout the week. She warned that China’s factories risk producing more goods than the global market can easily absorb, indicating potential economic challenges for both China and the global economy.

Yellen’s visit to China comes as the United States and China navigate complex economic and trade relations. Her statements underscore the importance of addressing China’s trade practices and promoting fair competition for American and other foreign companies in the Chinese market.

By Samantha Robertson

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