World Economic Forum Names Sophie Schmidt as a Young Global Leader

We are thrilled to announce that our founder and publisher, Sophie Schmidt, has been selected as a 2024 Young Global Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum. This prestigious recognition is in honor of Sophie’s advocacy for overlooked global tech users and her vision for Rest of World, a pioneering news organization that delves into the untold stories of technology’s impact outside of the Western world.

Each year, the World Economic Forum handpicks a diverse group of promising leaders under the age of 40 to join its esteemed Forum of Young Global Leaders and partake in a three-year leadership development program. Sophie is among the 91 individuals worldwide chosen to be a part of the 2024 class. As a YGL, Sophie now joins a distinguished community of innovators, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing issues.

Upon receiving the honor, Sophie expressed her gratitude, stating, “I am incredibly honored to be named a Young Global Leader. This recognition is a testament to the hard work of the team at Rest of World, who are dedicated to uncovering bold and ambitious stories about the impact of tech-driven change on societies worldwide, especially in regions often overlooked by mainstream media.”

Sophie’s inspiration for founding Rest of World came after ten years of exploring why there was a lack of discussion in the West about how digital technology was reshaping the non-Western world. She identified a significant information gap – a lack of accessible tech reporting. In 2019, she established Rest of World, a unique media nonprofit that produces thorough and immersive international tech journalism while also training the next generation of tech reporters in their home countries. Under Sophie’s leadership, Rest of World has released over 1,500 stories from more than 100 countries in its first four years and recently received the National Magazine Award for Design.

Congratulations, Sophie on this well-deserved recognition! To learn more about the Forum for Young Global Leaders and this year’s class, please visit the link provided.

By Samantha Robertson

As a seasoned content writer at, my passion for storytelling and creativity shines through in every article I craft. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for research, I thrive on translating complex topics into engaging reads that resonate with our diverse audience. My goal is to inform, entertain, and inspire readers through thought-provoking content that leaves a lasting impact. Join me on this exciting journey as we explore the world of news together.

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