VinoTastr Introduces a Kit Backed by Science to Assist Wine Enthusiasts in Selecting the Perfect Bottle

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For wine enthusiasts constantly seeking new wines to enjoy, there is a new at-home taste kit called VinoTastr that could pique their interest. This kit, backed by science, measures taste sensitivities to known wine traits using four taste test strips. Based on the results, VinoTastr recommends red and white wine varietals that align with those sensitivities.

The co-founder of VinoTastr, Dr. Henry P. Barham, utilized a decade of research and expertise in taste science to develop this innovative kit. Dr. Barham’s insight into taste receptors’ responses to bitterness, such as with cilantro, highlights the importance of understanding one’s baseline taste preferences. By uncovering this baseline, individuals can make more informed choices when selecting wines to enjoy, moving beyond generic taste notes.

According to Dr. Barham, traditional wine tasting notes only provide insight into a wine’s taste based on the writer’s perspective. VinoTastr eliminates the guesswork in choosing wines by helping consumers explore options that best suit their unique palate profiles. This personalized approach gives individuals the confidence to try new wines tailored to their specific tastes.

To learn more about VinoTastr and to purchase a kit, visit their website at today.

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