OHSU Considers Layoffs in Face of Tough Health Care Climate

Leaders at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) have notified staff via email that job cuts may be on the horizon as they seek ways to reduce costs in a challenging healthcare environment. This month and next, select senior leaders at OHSU will conduct an audit of all expenses, projects, and roles to inform the executive leadership team on potential next steps.

The email, signed by OHSU President Danny Jacobs and other executive vice presidents, emphasized the need for structures and budgets to align with the overall strategy of the organization. The goal is to ensure optimal use of services that set OHSU apart from others and are essential to Oregon.

Despite recent controversy over non-merit-based bonuses granted to non-union staff, OHSU continues to face financial challenges as costs exceed revenues, particularly in wages and benefits. This financial strain was evident in the $26 million loss reported in January for a six-month period ending on December 31.

Amidst these challenges, OHSU remains committed to its patient care mission and is still pursuing plans to merge with Legacy Health to become the largest employer in the Portland metro area. The organization’s leaders have stressed the importance of open communication, transparency in decision-making, and a willingness to adapt and improve in the face of adversity. They have also highlighted the need to make choices rooted in excellence as OHSU navigates through this period of change.

By Samantha Robertson

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