Makenzie Knight, East Central senior, pursues passion for sports reporting

Makenzie Knight, a senior at East Central High School, has always had a passion for sports and storytelling. In 2022, she started conducting postgame interviews with her classmates on the baseball diamond and beyond. The community, coaches, and athletes have been supportive of her work, eagerly waiting for their turn to be interviewed.

What started as postgame interviews at East Central has now evolved into covering other schools, teams, and sports for local publication 228 Sports. Makenzie enjoys stepping out of her comfort zone and expanding her coverage to different athletic events across the coast.

With plans to attend Mississippi State in the fall to pursue a degree in sports broadcasting, Makenzie hopes to turn her passion for sports journalism into a successful career. She dreams of covering college sports and eventually working with an MLB team, with a goal of covering the College World Series at least once in her lifetime.

As she looks towards the future, Makenzie remains open to wherever her career in sports journalism may take her. With a strong work ethic and dedication to her craft, she is determined to make an impact in the world of sports broadcasting.

By Samantha Robertson

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