IBM collaborates on developing native Spanish artificial intelligence.

Language is a powerful tool that allows for communication, representation, interpretation of the environment, reflection, problem-solving, and the development of knowledge. It also plays a significant role in cultural identity. However, artificial intelligence (AI) has predominantly used English as its language, leaving many other languages, including Spanish, with limited access to AI technology. Spain has recognized this gap and has recently signed agreements with Microsoft and IBM to develop native AI in Spanish and other co-official languages.

The goal is to make AI more accessible to the 500 million Spanish speakers worldwide, leading to increased productivity and technological advancements. This initiative also aligns with the Spanish government’s vision of achieving strategic technological sovereignty and improving public services through AI integration. By incorporating Spanish language models into AI technology, businesses, individuals, and various sectors like healthcare and education can benefit from enhanced digital capabilities and efficient services.

Both Microsoft and IBM have committed significant investments and resources to support the development of AI technology in Spanish. By focusing on large and small language models, they aim to create versatile solutions that cater to different types of users and businesses. The diversity within the Spanish language poses a challenge, but IBM’s collaborative approach and open community involvement ensure a comprehensive and effective development process.

The collaboration between the Spanish government, Microsoft, and IBM highlights the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in AI technology. By leveraging the expertise and resources of these tech giants, Spain aims to bridge the language gap in AI and empower Spanish speakers globally. This initiative not only enhances the technological landscape but also contributes to economic growth, innovation, and improved public services.

By Samantha Robertson

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