Guidance on Ethical AI Implementation in Recruitment | Department of Science, Innovation, and Technology

The new 49-page report delves into the ways organizations can leverage AI in recruitment and hiring processes while also minimizing associated risks. Before adopting an AI platform, organizations are encouraged to consider various factors such as identifying problems that need to be addressed, communicating AI usage to applicants, evaluating system capabilities, and determining the need for employee training or resources. The report also provides a list of questions to ask when looking to responsibly procure and deploy AI technologies in recruitment processes.

Additionally, the report includes examples of how AI can be used in hiring, along with highlighting potential risks starting on page 43. One example of AI use in recruiting is asynchronous video interview tools, where applicants are required to submit video recordings of themselves responding to a set of predetermined questions. The answers are then analyzed using automated technology such as natural language processing (NLP), human oversight, or a combination of both. However, some AI systems may use eye detection as a measure of engagement, which could lead to discriminatory outcomes for applicants who are neurodivergent and find it challenging to maintain eye contact over a long period of time.

The report covers various other ideas and considerations for organizations looking to incorporate AI into their recruitment and hiring processes. Organizations are encouraged to weigh the benefits of AI technology against the potential risks and ensure that its implementation is done responsibly and ethically. By following the guidelines outlined in the report, organizations can harness the power of AI in recruitment while minimizing the chances of bias and discrimination in the hiring process.

By Samantha Robertson

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