Expedia Group Embraces Amadeus NDC Technology

Amadeus has recently partnered with Expedia Group to implement New Distribution Capability (NDC) technology for the global online travel agency. This collaboration, which builds on their nearly two-decade relationship, underscores Amadeus’ commitment to advancing the industry towards modern, enhanced retailing. The goal is to support industry growth and enhance the overall traveler experience.

Through this partnership, Amadeus aims to enable stakeholders to maximize the potential benefits of NDC. NDC technology allows airlines to create and customize offers using the latest merchandising techniques. These offers can then be efficiently presented and distributed to enhance the shopping experience for travel sellers like Expedia Group and their customers.

Chris Hodges, Expedia’s vice president of global connectivity & partner solutions, highlighted the significance of integrating Amadeus’ aggregated NDC content into their connectivity portfolio. This step demonstrates Expedia’s dedication to providing travelers with a wide range of choices and personalized experiences in alignment with the industry’s adoption of NDC technology.

Sam Abdou, executive vice president of global sales airline IT, distribution, and global online travel agencies at Amadeus, emphasized the company’s commitment to leveraging NDC technology for the benefit of all stakeholders. By partnering with one of their largest online travel agency partners, Amadeus is in a strong position to promote collaboration across the industry to enhance the travel experience for everyone.

By Samantha Robertson

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