Departure Announcement from Martha and Spencer Love School of Business Dean

Martha and Spencer Love School of Business Dean Raghu Tadepalli has announced his departure from the deanship after serving in the role for 12 years. His tenure will come to a close after the 2024-25 academic year, and the university will initiate the search for his replacement in the fall of 2024. This marks the sixth senior staff member to vacate their position within the last two years, including former College of Arts and Sciences Dean Gabie Smith.

Despite stepping down from his role, Tadepalli will return in the 2026-27 academic year following a year-long sabbatical to serve as dean emeritus and special assistant to Elon University President Connie Book. A scholar in the marketing field, Tadepalli has numerous achievements to his credit, including various peer-reviewed articles.

According to the Love Business School, some of Tadepalli’s most significant accomplishments during his tenure as dean include expanding the faculty, staff, and student population at the business school. When he began as dean, there were 1,356 students enrolled in business majors, and that number has since increased to 2,145. He also successfully secured three accreditations for the school of business from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, with the latest one obtained on April 3. Additionally, he introduced six new undergraduate majors, such as Business Analytics, Project Management, and Human Resource Management.

By Samantha Robertson

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