Life Science and Medical Technology Summit hosted by Leland

The town of Leland in Brunswick County, NC recently hosted its inaugural Life Science and Medical Technology Summit at the Leland Cultural Arts Center. This event focused on exploring topics such as medical devices and diagnostics, biotechnology, and drug discovery, among many others.

Leaders from both the local and state levels attended the summit to share ideas and gather information on advancements in the life sciences and medical technology industry. Barnes Sutton, Leland’s Economic and Community Development Director, emphasized the importance of showcasing the area’s capabilities in this field, as well as highlighting future prospects.

Sutton mentioned that the summit was an opportunity to build relationships and raise awareness of Leland’s potential as a hub for life sciences. While the town may not be widely recognized for its contributions in this industry, Sutton believes that with the presence of companies like Cygnus Technologies, Flow Sciences, and MicroSolv Technology Corporation, Leland has the potential to become a significant player in the field of life sciences.

Overall, the event served as a platform for collaboration, discussion, and networking among industry professionals, with the goal of promoting growth and innovation in the life sciences and medical technology sectors in Brunswick County.

By Samantha Robertson

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