WATCH: Get to know the Management Team at Acentra Health

In WashingtonExec’s “Meet the Management Team” video series, executives in the GovCon industry are introduced, highlighting their roles and collaboration towards achieving companywide goals. In this particular segment, Amanda Ziadeh from WashingtonExec is joined by the leadership team at Acentra Health. The team includes Todd Stottlemyer as the CEO, Meghan Harris as the President & Chief Operating Officer, Verlon Johnson as the Chief Strategy Officer, Harish Nanda as the Chief Technology Officer, Kelly Loeffler as the Chief Growth Officer, and Kelly Schlageter as the Chief People Officer.

During the discussion, the Acentra Health leadership team talks about the company’s vision, growth strategy, operational goals, enterprise technologies and customer-facing innovations, as well as workforce development, culture, and sustainment. Despite being geographically dispersed, the executives share how they collaborate and work together towards achieving the company’s shared goals.

The video series provides insight into how the leadership team at Acentra Health operates and demonstrates the importance of teamwork and communication in achieving success in the GovCon industry. Through their shared vision and collaboration, Acentra Health is able to work towards achieving companywide goals and driving innovation in the industry.

By Samantha Robertson

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