Invisible Shield Technology Allows Users to Blend In Perfectly

Invisibility Shield Co., a British startup, has developed a unique technology that creates an illusion of invisibility. They have created a 6-foot-tall “Megashield” that is sold for $828 and can make multiple people appear invisible. The shields are made using ultra-large, precision-engineered lens arrays that redirect light reflecting off the person behind the shield away from the observer.

These innovative shields use clever lens design to bend light around an object, creating the illusion of invisibility. While the technology is not perfect and creates a slight blur, it offers some impressive features. The shields are waterproof, require no power source, and are eco-friendly as they are built from recyclable materials.

Invisibility Shield Co. founder Tristan Thompson expressed that the shields are not only practical but also fun to play around with. The startup initially launched the product in 2022 with different sizes and price points, crowdfunded on Kickstarter in hopes of making science fiction a reality, and surpassed its fundraising goal.

The latest version of the invisibility shield can hide multiple people, stand on its own, and be easily packed down to only 2.3 inches in thickness, making it convenient for users to take anywhere they want. Thompson highlighted the advancements made in the technology, emphasizing that just two years ago, such capabilities seemed impossible.

By Samantha Robertson

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