Subedar Thanseia, a World War II veteran, passes away at the age of 102 | India News

Subedar Thanseia, one of the few surviving World War veterans in the country, passed away Sunday at the age of 102 after a brief illness. He hailed from Mizoram and had served in the Army’s Assam Regiment. Subedar Thanseia was well known for his bravery during the Battle of Kohima in World War II and for his contributions in establishing the legacy of the 1st Assam Regiment at Jessami.

Throughout his service, Subedar Thanseia displayed a deep commitment to the nation that went beyond his duty, earning him a respected place in India’s military history. His actions at Kohima were pivotal in securing a significant victory for the Allied forces, marking a turning point in the conflict in the East. Even after his retirement, he remained active in veteran affairs and educational initiatives.

Officials praised Subedar Thanseia for his valor and dedication to his country, noting that his contributions during World War II were instrumental in securing important victories. His legacy as a brave soldier and a devoted patriot will be remembered in the annals of Indian military history for years to come.

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