Small Business Owner in Central Omaha is Concerned about Construction Efforts

Construction on Saddle Creek Road is causing difficulties for local businesses as improvement projects in the area are expected to be completed by 2025. The construction has led to lane closures on Saddle Creek Road and Leavenworth Street, affecting business owners in the area.

Leah Roberts Denomme, owner of Weird Wild Stuff Vintage, has expressed concerns about the impact of the construction on her business. She has been running her shop for 15 years and is worried that the new development in the neighborhood may have negative consequences for small businesses like hers.

The new construction includes an apartment complex, and City Planner Eric Englund believes that the demand for new housing units in the area is due to the growth and plans of the med center. While the construction may be challenging for business owners in the short term, Englund is optimistic that the improvements will attract more people to the neighborhood.

Despite the potential impact on her business, Denomme is open to change as long as it is done thoughtfully. She hopes that the city will consider the needs of small businesses like hers when planning future projects in the area.

The Saddle Creek Road Improvements and the construction of Walter Apartments are expected to be completed by 2025, bringing changes to the Central Omaha neighborhood.

By Samantha Robertson

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