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The Webster City High School Rocketry Club Trivia Night took place at the high school, where teams showcased their knowledge and skills. Rocketry Team Captain Jaidyn Elledge, a senior at WCHS, shared updates about the club’s activities this spring. Elledge has been accepted into the aerospace engineering program at Iowa State University and plans to continue pursuing his interest in the fall.

Family Circus team members from Webster City and Stratford participated in the event, showcasing their teamwork and camaraderie. The evening’s emcees, Braeden Schnell and Owen Gallentine, added excitement and energy to the event. Schnell also serves as the safety officer for the club.

Team Mertz members Rocco Miller, Matt Anderson, and Trenton Mossman conferred during the event, discussing strategies and plans. The event brought together students passionate about rocketry and aerospace engineering, showcasing their dedication and skills in a fun and engaging way.

Overall, the Rocketry Club Trivia Night was a successful event, highlighting the talents and teamwork of the participating teams. It provided an opportunity for students to come together, share their knowledge, and support each other in their interests and pursuits.

By Samantha Robertson

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