Legacy Health and Regence insurance reach new contract agreement, remaining in-network

Legacy Health has reached a new contract agreement with Regence BlueCross BlueShield, as announced by the healthcare network on Sunday. The previous contract between Legacy and Regence had expired at the end of the day on Sunday, leading to negotiations for a new contract that began last November. Legacy providers and facilities will continue to be in-network for Regence and other BlueCross BlueShield members, according to Merrin Permut, the vice president and chief population health officer at Legacy.

This agreement ensures that patients insured by Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield will not lose coverage for services at Legacy Health starting Monday. Permut expressed gratitude to patients and communities for their patience during the negotiation process. There will be no interruption in care for patients, and those with scheduled appointments are encouraged to keep them. Patients who previously canceled appointments due to uncertainty surrounding the negotiations can contact Legacy to reschedule.

Regence BlueCross BlueShield spokesperson also expressed satisfaction with the agreement, stating that they are pleased Legacy Health will remain in-network for Regence members. The spokesperson acknowledged the uncertainty that the negotiations caused for some members and thanked them for their patience. Regence looks forward to continuing their partnership with Legacy to ensure members have access to important care in the community.

By Samantha Robertson

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